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PT Tarunacipta Kencana (TCK) was established in 1995. Starting off as a vessels were employed to support Palm Oil Trading Division, PT SMART, the company has now one of the leading tanker, tug and barge carriers that has some modern fleets with our vision to be a recognized leader in liquid cargo sea transportation.

The activities of PT Tarunacipta Kencana include : Ship Chartering and Ship Agency. We operate shipment mainly domestic but also thru Asia Pacific trading. All vessel under control has complied with the ISM Code 1998 and Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001:2008.

We encourage you to engage with PT Tarunacipta Kencana and look forward to being of service.

About Us

about us

PT Tarunacipta Kencana has been recognized as one of leaders in the local shipping

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As a shipowner, PT Tarunacipta Kencana provide safe and cost-efficient transports

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our vesselsour vessels

Our vessel offers tanker amp; barge services within Indonesian main port

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PT Tarunacipta Kencana welcome you, young talented and diversified employees, to join our team

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contact uscontact us

Telp. +62 (21) 426 7068

Fax. +62 (21) 426 7072 amp; 426 7073

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